Sewage Treatment Plants

Ayush Water Solution offer Commercial Sewage Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant and MBR Sewage Treatment Plant. Ayush Water Solution Company is reputed names in the market for providing an extensive collection of Sewage Treatment Plant.

Ayush Water Solution Pvt. Ltd. also offers services in the field of Sewage treatment systems the nature of services consist of design Engineering process design and turnkey projects for urban semi-urban localities and industrial townships. The treatment systems for the above projects consist of Pre-treatment for removal of floating and gritty material of suspended Settle able solids and secondary treatment for removal of dissolved Organic matter contributing to COD / BOD. The secondary treatment for these projects included conventional / activated sludge process with and without Fab media / SBR / MBBR / MBR.

Anaerobic digestion facilities are also provided for the treatment of sludge in few cases tertiary treatment is also introduced for getting the polished effluent for reuse comprising of filtration hardness removal and reverse osmosis system depending upon the specification and use Ayush Water Solution can also offer compact package plant for small installations Sludge can be handled on dewatering centrifuge / belt filters and / or sludge drying beds.